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Best Gaffers Tape provides you will real industry ranking reviews on the top adhesive products used in the film and performing arts industry. Our tape reviews are submitted through various professional grip and lighting industry websites which allow us to rank the best gaffers tape while being fair and impartial. Gaffers tape is an essential tool for any grip crew or best boy working on a set. We have based our rankings on price for best value, tensile strength, mil std, adhesion level, lead time, and usability.


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How to buy Expendables

We understand many grip and lighting companies, independent DJ's, roadies, and best boys are in the business to make sure the lighting or audio is perfect. But the logistics behind the setup can make or break a small business. Expendables such as tape, spray adhesive, green screen tape, or gels can be bought in bulk which in turn saves the business money. Working with a wholesaler instead of purchasing that one roll of $25.00 roll of gaffers tape can really save you money. Tape is normally sold by the roll but many companies catering to the entertainment and performing arts industry will be happy to sell these expendables by the case. You should always get samples before making a purchase from any company. Make sure you test out the tape in several environments before you settle on one. With tape or any expendables, a more expensive product is not always the best.

Tapes in General

Adhesive products have became very competitive in todays market. Many adhesive manufacturers have gone to substituting ingredients such as plastics and rubber based adhesive due to higher prices. These types of trade offs only affect the overall price of the tape and not necessarily the quality. When you judge a tape such as gaffers tape you want to ensure 3 things at a minimum.

1.) Tensile Strength: is how much weight the tape will hold. This measure is typically rated by the inch. For the majority of us working with cables you could easily get by with 38-45 pounds tensile strength.

2.) Adhesion to Steel Rating: is how well the tape conforms to surfaces. The measurement is typically by the ounce per inch. Testers will take a tape and measure the amount of force it will take in newtons to peel the tape off a piece of steel. Pay close attention to this rating for high traffic areas where people may be stepping on or over your tape.

3.) Size and Quantity: is equally important because a standard roll of tape should come by 60 yards. Some companies only give you 55 yards. If you take that measily 5 yards of tape and spread it across a case of a 2" black gaffers tape case (24 rolls per case) this will decrease the real usable amount by 2 rolls (24 rolls X 5 yards=120 yards short). Make sure you are getting 60 yd rolls.

Best Gaffers Tapes Price

We believe that with the ever increasing price of rubber adhesive material, gaffers tape should be priced for an economical competitive market which makes expendables affordable for a small business. The price of a roll of gaffers tape when purchased as a single roll on average is between 15-25.00 for a 2" roll.

If you were purchasing tape by the case you should be able to get the rolls down to about 11-13.50 a roll which is huge for overall savings. Tapes are normally priced by the inch, for instance: You notice 1" gaffers tape is less than 2" gaffers tape in price but when you add up the entire amount that is usable on a log the amount comes out the same. The only difference is in the cut of the tape. Tape can come in any size but industry standards for film and performing arts is 2".


Lead Time and Shipping

If you are looking to vamp up your expendables for the next coming months worth of work, you probably need to do this 2 weeks prior. If you are buying from a distributor or wholesaler, they may need time to cut the tape. If items are pre-slit (already cut) then your lead time should be minimal. Do not expect free shipping on case orders. Cases can weigh between 49-55 pounds. Shipping anywhere in the United States should not be more than 40.00 per case.